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 How To Find A Leak 


Water is connected to all aspects of our lives.  We use water not only to bathe and garden, but we also drink water for nourishment and use it for cooking.  That's why it's essential that we all use water efficiently.  On this page you'll find tips on how to detect costly water leaks.

1. Turn off all the faucets in your house.

2. Locate meter outside and locate the dial.  The dial will have a black and white leak detector in the center, which will move with very small flow running through the meter (1/4 gallon).  If the dial is moving then water is passing through your meter.

  • NOTE: Leaking = 1/4 gallon per MINUTE = 10,800 gallons per month.  This would be an addition to your normal water usage.

3. Once you have isolated the house itself refer back to the dial.  If dial has stopped then it's possible the leak is inside the house.  If this is the case 90% of the time it will be a commode (toilet).

4. You don't necessarily have to hear water running in your commode for it to be running.  Place food coloring in your tank and if the color is seen in your bowl then the commode is running.

5. If the dial continues to move after you have isolated the house then the leak will be between your isolation valves (cut off valves) and the house.

6. Check for any "greener" than usual spots of grass or any moist areas.


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