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Water Flushing Maintenance

Dear Members,
During the summer months it is necessary for us to keep continuous water flowing to areas in our system that are farther away from our source water. (ex. Easton area)  Due to the extreme hot temperatures, chlorine (water disinfectant) can dissipate very quickly; so, in order for us to maintain safe drinking water, you may see fire hydrants or flush valves running throughout the day, evening or even weekends.  This helps us maintain the required range of chlorine in our system per TCEQ and the EPA.  
This may affect water pressure in those areas and surrounding.  Our water crew tries to maintain these sites at a low flow pull, so pressure is not affected too badly; but if pressure at your home becomes an issue, please notify the office @ 903-643-2692 and they can readjust the flow.  
We do apologize for any inconvenience this may cause; but our goal is to continue providing the safest drinking water to each of our customers' homes the best way possible.