About Us

     The Elderville Water system was started in 1967 as a co-op corporation with only 394 water services.  The system has grown to more than 3,032 water service connections with 2,740 active members.  Our water comes from the City Of Longview and from water wells that we have established.

     At Elderville Water Supply we take our responsibility to provide quality, reliable drinking water to our customers seriously.  We've been doing so for the last 45 years.  Since the first pipe was laid in 1967, we've been dedicated to improving infrastructure and supply, whether it meant building plants to service a growing community, replacing pipe to strengthen aging systems, or drilling new wells.

     The condition of our nation's infrastructure has been a hot topic of the past.  But at Elderville Water Supply, infrastructure has always been a top priority.  That's why every year we invest thousands of dollars to improve our plants, tanks, distribution system, and other infrastructure.  In 2010 alone, Elderville Water invested more than one million dollars in capital to grow and improve the facilities across our system.

     We are committed to providing uniterrupted delivery of quality water to our customers now and in the future.  To achieve that goal, we recognize the need to make sound investments in our distribution system, from targeting pipes for replacement to drilling new wells for future growth and development.


Mission and Values

We are all members of one team and we have clear beliefs about how to best serve each other, our members, and our community.  We share these guiding principles openly to make clear the behaviors we expect of ourselves and our business partners. 

Job Safety

  • We lead by example
  • We take initiative to stop unsafe practices
  • We contribute to work place safety
  • We translate safety training into improved work site behavior

Stewardship of the Environment

  • We put the safety of public health and the environment first above all other objectives
  • We take responsibility for the vital water resources entrusted to us
  • We communicate deficiencies in a timely manner
  • We continuously improve operating skills and certifications

Customer Care

  • We listen attentively
  • We respond to needs in a courteous manner
  • We are fair and honest, especially when our policies conflict with requests
  • We honor our commitments and strive to exceed expectations

Employee Success

  • We take responsibility and accountability for results
  • We thoroughly understand our policies and procedures
  • We recognize and reward good performance
  • We provide opportunities for growth and advancement

Community Citizenship

  • We contribute to the betterment of our community
  • We always consider how our actions affect our community
  • We choose business partners who share our values

Guided by these principles, we strive to continue providing you with safe and dependable water.