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Addressing Your Concerns

Valued Members of EWSC:


We are aware that many of you have concerns regarding taste, odor and color with your water. The taste and odor issues are being experienced in many water districts due to extreme heat temperatures and higher demand in water usage.  


Please know we are not taking these concerns lightly and we are trying to balance our treatment process to address all of these concerns in our water system.  The construction project we underwent over a month ago to install better water lines and a treatment facility is nearly finished.  This will help establish a better quality of water and pressure throughout our distribution system however, customers within the construction area are experiencing brown/tinted water. This is due to us bringing two of our wells back online to blend with the surface water we purchase from Longview.


Well water is softer than surface water. The softer water is pulling the film and minerals from the walls of the pipe which laid dormant. In turn, this process is causing the water to be brown.  This is a common occurrence when blending ground water with surface water. We are addressing this by flushing our water main lines throughout the system. In addition to this, customers should run their outside faucet to help flush the water through their own personal water lines.  Presently, we are working on finding the correct treatment balance to address the color issue but as of right now flushing both sets of lines will help until it settles.


We understand the concerns and inconvenience this has caused however, none of these water issues are affecting the overall safety of the water.  Bacteriological samples were pulled before the wells were turned on and continuously throughout our system and the water is safe from hazards.  


We our apologize for this inconvenience but please know that providing safe, clean, quality water to our members is our number one priority.  We thank you for your patience as we work to address these water concerns.




Mark Rogers

General Manager




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