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EWSC and Girl Scouts Troop 7496

On Saturday, August 24th, Elderville Water Supply played host to Girl Scouts Troop 7496. The girls and their mothers learned about the origins of water and the process of sanitation and distribution. They received a demonstration from operator Jesse Tanner on how water is tested daily to ensure proper chemical residuals throughout the system.


Tina Ballard, Service Department Administrative Assistant, guided the girls through a hands-on experiment. Each girl received their own bottle filled with water. Some were filled with treated tap water and the others with raw untreated well water. Tina then supplied each girl with a pouch that contained a substance that will turn the water pink when in the presence of chlorine. The girls were “tickled pink” as they watched the treated tap water change color. 


Mark Rogers, General Manager, spoke to the girls and their moms about the various costs of water and the process of determining rates. He then went on to explain that one of his main jobs is to ensure that the water company is properly funded and financially managed in order to provide a safe, sustainable system for years to come.


The day ended with lots of smiles and group photo under the Elderville Water Supply Corporation sign.